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Featured Blog

My blog was featured on one of my Top favorite makeup sites !
I consider it quite an honor because I am absolutely in LOVE LOVE LOVVVVVE with their products. Honestly, to hear me talk about them on set, you would think they are paying me to (ummm, ps. they're not, but what a great idea!).There is not a foundation that I have ever used that makes for a more flawless, natural look.I like to say "it's as if tiny lightbulbs are under your skin" and I haven't met one person that disagrees with me after seeing themselves. Whether it be a model or celebrity or a bride, if I want the perfect dewey finish the only products that even come to mind are the Moisture Foundation and The Natural Lighting Powder.....and here I go again, singing their praises, I can't help myself,and it's contagious.Oliva Palermo tied with Madonna for "Most Commanding red carpet look
and loved how I did her makeup, Parker Posey loved it so much she carried it in her handbag on set of …

It Makes A MommaBird Proud

I can honestly say, that some of the most memorable moments of my makeup career, were not on set meeting my favorite celebrities, but instead meeting a group of students that would forever change my life.
I was asked to teach at one of the most prestigious makeup schools. I jumped at the opportunity ! What I encountered, was part legend, part insane assylum, and all worth every minute!
I have to admit, my first day I was nervous as hell! Who did I think I was ? I was a working artist, I had taught before, but never in such a formal setting.
I was thrown to the lions without a curriculum. How was I going to be the teacher that they needed, that they expected? All I could think about was the sign on my bulletin board that I had cut out of a magazine...
I could only hope that I didn't let them down. As the weeks went on, I realized that I had found a new love! My passion for makeup could finally be transferred. I could talk about Makeup all day, and nobody rolled their eyes and told…