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The Makeup Show - wrapping up part two

 I've been going to The Makeup Show NY since day one, and every year after, so it was strange seeing it in my new home, LA. To help make this an unforgettable event, one of my besties & fellow beauty blogger, Stephanie (@newbeautyreview) flew in from Arizona, and we were special guests of one of the artists I look up to most, makeup legend Sharon Gault, known to most of us simply as MamaMakeup(@Mama_Mu_Sharon).

Every show that Steph & I have ever gone to together, (and I think that's almost all of them), has been legendary, this was no exception.

with David from OCC @occmakeup

with (@JeffreeStar) &
Doe Deere  creative goddess behind LimeCrime @limecrime

Lemme throw some pictures at you, just so you see what this amazing little circus is really is like, at a show!
Sheila McKenna for Kett Cosmetics


my personal "Anthony Robbins" & guru Crystal Wright  @Crystal_Wright

with Lauren (@QueenofBlending)

 The cast of characters was amazing, and I got to reconnect and network with so many talented people in the industry.

The one & only Sharon Gault (@Mama_Mu_Sharon) for RCMA

Some honorable mentions, a special thank you to the ladies at Skyn Demure(@SKYNDEMURE) for supplying an array of gorgeous temporary tattoos, that were unbelievable ! This is what they used for bait.....

 the tattoos last much longer and are more detailed than any temporary's I've used before. Check out the other styles at:

A big thank you to Parian Spirit for gifting me mini brush cleaner & super convenient brush cleaner wipes.  My favorite brush cleaner in portable wipes !

 And last but not least Tricia at Alcone who I'm not ashamed to admit,  I've missed since I moved to the West Coast. Not that Naime's & Nigel's aren't amazing, but I've pretty much memorized the entire Alcone catalog! Now I can put all that knowledge to good use with the Alcone at Home program which is way for pro artist to sell the products that they know & believe in, at Home Makeup Parties.

with the Man, the Myth, the Legend.....(@MrbillyB)

j'adore James Vincent!  @JVincentmakeup

All in all I had one of the most memorable shows ever thanks to Sharon & Stephanie, and everyone new that I've met, as well as all my old friends that came out to the Makeup Show.

See you next year!

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