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THM Interview: Dyana Aives

One of my all time favorite interviews for one of my all time favorite websites!
THM Interview: Dyana Aives

THM Interview: Dyana Aives
On April 12, 2010, In Interviews + People, Rants + Raves, By cnaselli

“If I offer you an Altoid before I do your lipstick, just put the damn thing in your mouth, there’s obviously a reason for it.” - Dyana Aives

Name: Dyana Aives

Hometown: Brooklyn, New Yawk

Lives: All over the damn place

Occupation: Makeup Artist Connoisseur, prodigy, educator, mentor

Why We Love Her: Raven red, Devoted friend, kibitzer, Old soul, Brainy and Astute

How We Know Her:

Well, where do I begin. I first met Dyana in 1998 while working on a photo shoot in NY. I would have no idea how special that day would turn out to be. I started to unpack my kit and in comes this fire ball of sex and humor. We had a blast that day and she told me at the end of the shoot that you are going to be my new best friend. Well little did I know that the very next morning I received the ca…

still one of my favorite pieces of work - Makeup by Dyana Aives MTV The City Promo New Episodes (Season 1, Part 2)

cant find the trailer for The Bayridge Boys movie - just this segment Dept Head Hair & Makeup- Dyana Aives

more film work"VAMPERIFICA"-Dept Head Hair & Makeup- Dyana Aives

more of my film work _ Bereavement - Dept Head Hair & Makeup & Special Makeup Effects - Dyana Aives

more of my film work- Dept Head Hair- As Good As Dead Trailer-HD-2010

trying to find all my films trailers, this one is from Weakness - Dept Head HMU-Dyana Aives

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