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The Ugly Truth About Dog Seat Covers

Another peek into my makeup kit ....Foundation for Women of Color

A quick note on another foundation favorite -

The Iman products are fantastic! I am using them on Xosha Roquemore,(from the movie Precious) The "Luxury Radiance Liquid Makeup" not only stays fresh take after take, but combined with the "Second to None Semi-Loose Powder" I no longer have to worry about constant touch ups. I love the packaging as well because I don't have to worry about spillage thanks to the unique razor sifter, and it always dispenses the perfect amount.
 I noticed a difference in her skin the very second I used the foundations on her! I used both the Clay and the Earth, but instead of mixing it together I used the lighter color on her cheekbones, the bridge of her nose and her chin to highlight, the darker color on the other areas of her face to contour and her face not only took on more dimension but lit up !

I then used them on a photoshoot to see how it held up on print......
The inspiration for this look was Diana Ross.I think you'll agr…

My side venture - Belly to Belly ....

Recently I've decided to start a side venture, Body Casting. I realized I enjoyed casting and sculpting years ago, but never actualized it. It took my sister's pregnancy to realize that there is indeed a market for this. Once upon a time, someone thought it was a good idea to take baby shoes and dip them in bronze. Wouldn't it be more special to celebrate a woman's pregnancy? What better way than to have a cast of her belly?

Here's a video of me casting my sister's belly bump. Keep in mind this cast is still in the raw stages. I will be finishing and sanding as well as casting her hands to lay on the belly.
 Anyone interested in having a belly cast done in the privacy of their own home should contact me at

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