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Whole Lotta Rosy - L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Rosy Tone Mask and Moisturizer review.

The probability of love at first sight....

or how a shaving soap changed themy world.... I may have a problem balancing the girlie girl in me, with the cynical New Yorker? I don't usually think of myself as a hopeless romantic, but lately I equate everything to relationships, even blogging about products. As much as I'd like to be that wham bam thank you ma'am reviewer... you know, the one that gets the product and says "OK you'll have final copy in 3 days", I just can't. I need to fall in love with it, even if only for the moment, and for that I need to get to know you betterSeriously, can you really get to know a anything in such a short time, enough to feel confident telling all your friends about it ?  Because that's what you are, you're my friends. 
And friends can smell BS a mile away.  So I'm not going to candy coat it, if I love it, I'll scream it from the rooftops, and if I don't....well. 
I'm the chick that is going to tell you straight, but don't worry sweet pea, i…

I adore Lastics Shaving Soap

I recently reviewed Lastics-Body Shave Soap,... had an affair with my legs...and fell in love! 

just to hold your attention until I am ready to post my review.


Do your influencers still have an influence on their audience? When does size matter?

Do your influencers still have an influence on their audience?                     When does size matter?
      click here to find out =>  sometimes bigger is NOT always better

Sometimes ...Bigger is Not Always Better !

While reading this article, today on Tap Influence -"WTF is influencer marketing?", I was surprised to find that studies show, that it's not necessarily about how big your numbers are any longer, in the world of influencer marketing. It's about how many people you can reach and engage with to get your message heard. After all, isn't that the reason brands wanted influencers instead of ad agencies? We make getting your message out more personal, like having a conversation with a trusted friend. You want someone the people can relate to, someone "just like them", not some big corporation talking at them, but someone on their level talking to them instead. Well, the same holds true now, for those big name influencers who have reached "celebrity" status (I'm not naming names) you cutie-pies know who I'm talking about, (LOL) but they no longer speak for the "Everyman" when they're making 7.4 million per year in revenue! They d…

Such a Tease

Just a little teaser to whet your appetite for my next post, my review of LasticsBody Shave Soap

@Lastics #gotitfree #disclaimer #smooth #sexy #heavenScent #shave #legs #review #blogger #love

Disclosure:  products were provided free of charge for review, however, I did not accept any payment, and all opinions are my own.:

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