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Sometimes… You can teach an old dog new tricks!

My best friend is 10 years old, she has four legs, and her name is Dita Von Dog.                              I recently embarked on an extended road trip with my dog. (OK, four road trips back to back, but that’s another story, for another blog.)  Two old dogs hitting the open road can get pretty monotonous, so when I have a chance to change it up, I take it.  I had read about these snuffle mats, and how it could be a game for dogs of any age, so I decided to buy one on Amazon. For those of you who’ve never heard them; a snuffle mat is a way of feeding your dog that uses their innate sense of foraging for food, while at the same time slowing down their ability to inhale an entire bowl the second it hits the floor.

With the addition of a new puppy in the family this presents an even greater challenge. My older dog tends to graze, she eats a little bit of food and then comes back to the bowl whenever she feels hungry again. That is until the five-month-old puppy comes around, and then …

Eyeshadow tutorial for beginners

Just a quick video tutorial from my new Maange eyeshadow palette.
A super affordable palette with 18 highly pigmented shadows in my favorite fall/winter colors. (So if you're a ginger like me, you'll definitely want to scoop this up!)
Get yours here: #ad
It's only $9.99 a perfect price point for beginners and has everything you need for a day to night look.

I started with "creamy" and applied it from lid to brow for an all over clean slateNext I applied "vampire" on the outer and inner cornerThen I applied "volcano" in the creaseI added a light dusting of "blazing" to blend the crease into the outer cornerI lined my upper lid with a black liner pencil I went over the pencil liner with "bronze" to soften the line and  continued the bronze color under my eyes to add a bit of a smokey lookThen to soften and blend everything together I took a light dusting of the "creamy" col…

Whole Lotta Rosy - L'Oreal Paris Age Perfect Rosy Tone Mask and Moisturizer review.

I have used L'Oreal Paris products before, so I was
excited when I received samples of the Age Perfect Rosy Tone Mask and Moisturizer to review.

While I don't exactly identify (yet) to Helen Mirren, I am supposedly in the "mature skin" range so I decided to give it a go...
Who's it for? It's marketed for mature skin, and is supposed to give it that "healthy, rosy, youthful glow". According to L'Oreal, the Imperial Peonny Extract and LHA's in the mask,work to slough away the dead skin cells and reveal a renewed skin surface.While the day cream has a (very) pink tint to it, which add to the "glow" to give you that just scrubbed look. How do you use it? After washing your face, apply the mask in circular motion to gently exfoliate and leave on for 5 mins, then rinse off and apply the moisturizer. 

Does it work? I wanted to like this, but to be honest I was very disappointed.  The mask was slightly irritating to my skin. I usually am…

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