Saturday, August 13, 2016

The Swiss Army Knife of Lipsticks

As a makeup artist, I've been doing this trick for years...combining two colors to compliment each other, or to make a totally new color. Covergirl has brought this to the masses with their new product Blast Flipstick. One shade is matte, one shade is shimmer, you can mix/ match or combine. The lipstick goes on smooth and silky and lasts for hours. The best part is I only need one tube in my tiny purse when I go out at night. Very cool!

 *DISCLAIMER - This was not a paid testimonial, all products were furnished free of charge
for this review

Sunday, February 1, 2015

•Inspire me•

It's been a very long time since I've gotten to really, truly collaborate, with an Absolutely Amazing group of artists!
I'm am floored by the amount of blood, sweat, & tears that these people put into this shoot, it's exactly what I needed.

Sometimes you have to do something that's not for the money but for what you'll get from the experience . Tonight I remebered why I became a makeup artist so many years ago.
I felt that again, in this epic loft in San Francisco with this band of gypsys.
I love you all.

My makeup for the finale! #smokey #industrial #mechanical #future #silver #makeup #makeupartist #performance #aerial #silks #moneyshot @nikkiborodi  @inurfacemakeup

Friday, August 8, 2014

My latesst movie opens today in NY & LA to rave reviews! go see THE MAIDS ROOM

my latest movie opens today in NY & LA to RAVE REVIEWS !
 Amazing performances by Paula Garces, Annabella Sciorra, Bill Camp & Phillip Ettinger.

All Hair & Makeup by Dyana Aives

TrustMovies: Michael Walker's riveting THE MAID'S ROOM: Whew--t...: Immigration, class war, the use/abuse of power and money:  THE MAID'S ROOM , a new film by Michael Walker ( Price Check , Chasi...

Friday, February 28, 2014

Road to the Oscar's

It's a big big week here at InURfaceMakeup ! 
With the Makeup Show LA tomorrow, and The Oscar's and The Vanity Fair Party on Sunday yours truly is running around like the proverbial headless chicken!

 I was happy to host my good friend Stephanie of for the week leading up to the shows.
It was a whirlwind of makeup & stardust & glitter as far as the eye could see!

 Today I was fortunate to meet Jackie from Temptu who supplied me with the Air Pod system, which I L O V E! 
I am very excited to use this on my Vanity Fair clients and tell you all about it.

But, at the moment, I'm going to pause so that I can hear every word, from the great James Vincent! 

Stay tuned for so much more!!!!


Friday, November 29, 2013

Price Check new Look

here's another trailer for Price Check that I haven't seen before.

Dept Head Hair & Makeup =Dyana Aives

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Which Makeup Case Is For You ?

Okay, okay, okay.....i promise to blog more, and not get so caught up in work and getting work. So instead of big long winded (ehem, that's my middle name) posts, from now on you're getting more stream of consciousness blurbs and random thoughts.
Like this one-

I was on one of my Facebook group pages and responded to this post when halfway thru I realized, "this is such a common question I should do a blog post about it" So thanks to Misty Deupree for the inspiration

Misty DeupreeWhat is a good makeup (traveling) case that has a lot of compartments and space? And affordable
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Okay I'm kind of a makeup case hoarder, they're like shoes to me, I can never get enough and love all of them in my own way!
Having said that,  

Kett makes an EXCELLENT one, this is actually my number one favorite ! 
 I get one every 2 years because the cobblestones on NYC streets literally pop the wheels off if you're working a lot. Now I know that doesn't sound promising but trust me when i say that I was BRUTAL on my case!
The reason I love it ? The price & functionality. 
It's retails for $120 ($100 at the shows) 
It has a ton of compartments, and the way they are tucked into each other makes this case super compact ( i can fit everything that i would normally fit in a suitcase into this tiny Kett Case!) here's the link: 
My one and only complaint would be that it needs different wheels, (in my case all terrain wheels,) but if you are lucky enough to drive a car to set, (and not hoof this all over the NYC subway system,) and the most action the wheels will see is strolling down a hallway .....this case will last your forever!

Kett Accessories Kett Cosmetics : Makeup for the Digital Age : Airbrush Makeupkettcosmetics.comMakeup Accessories Kett is high performance cosmetics dedicated to solving the p...See More

Kett Cosmetics did not pay me for an endorsement or furnish any free cases for review..........

ehem........but if you're listening Kett? I love your products and am more than willing to be seduced by some free schwag! 

stay tuned for the next case on my list!