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The Real (bend and) Scoop on Sticky Bras

When I mention the term "Strapless Sticky Bra", what visual comes to mind? Is it two beige yarmulkes stuck to your boobs? Or for those of you above a B cup is it sad Mickey Mouse ears, or a subsequent collapse of support?
 When I bought the Yale Stuart Strapless sticky bra to review, I already had a preconceived notion in my head that it wouldn’t work. I have natural 34C boobs. I emphasize "natural" because I don’t have a gravity defying boob job, like most of the models advertising this type of product. My boobs are still perky for someone my age, one of the advantages of not having a child and breast-feeding, but regardless I’m not brave enough to go "commando" in a strappy sundress. So when I tell you I put this baby to the test, believe me! I wore this under my spaghetti strap dress and went out dancing in the Florida heat and humidity. Surprisingly, it passed the boogie down test with minimal jiggle and no slippage. After about three hours of shaking…

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