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Let There be (selfie) Light - and there was !!!!

I was commissioned by to review the ASNAP selfie ring light, unfortunately a glitch in their website prevented me from uploading my review, so(#timewaster) perhaps with any luck, they'll see my review here. So without further adieu, I give you my review of the 


  • compact and lightweight design makes it easy to toss into a purse or pocket and take it with you.
  •  heavy-duty plastic feels sturdy and not flimsy or fragile despite its weight.
  • clips onto any smartphone or tablet easily even with a case on and doesnt feel like it will fall off.                
  • The packaging leaves a little something to be desired, but as I can see from the other reviews of the product,  I must have gotten an older model because the green ones look like theyve been upgraded 
  • Unless you can read Japanese the instructions are useless

The Unboxing -

My device arrived in a small brown box lined with bubble wrap so it would not incur any damage in transit. Inside was a smaller box with a plastic cover, lined in foam that housed my selfie ring light. (I was very surprised that the packaging was not of better quality considering that it's a $48 tech/electronic item), I thought the packaging cheapened it, by making it look like a stocking stuffer you could just grab off the shelf. I am being super critical only because it's one of the requirements here.

As you can see the instructions were basically useless since it was nothing more than a picture of the ring light and a picture of the charging cable and the on/off button. I was specifically looking to find out how to change the light modes, and there was not a word about that at all, instead I was told not to shine the light into my eyes. I think I probably could have figured that out for myself. What I couldn't figure out was how to get it to any of the 5 different lighting modes it promised.

The Test -

a picture of Dyana Aives of inurfacemakeup without the selphie light is dark and shadowy

The item itself is awesome! This little thing, really packs a punch and I was surprised how much light it actually puts out!

It definitely lives up to it's promise, by filling in the shadows and evening out the light so that your skin looks smoother! !
I couldn't believe that something so small could be so powerful?

My biggest disappointment was that it did not in fact, have 5 different modes of light but only two- ON and OFF!
I am not sure if I just received a defective model, since it took two days of trying to get it to light up in the first place.
Those things aside, I really loved this item. It's lightweight design, makes it super portable to just toss it in a purse or pocket. Since it's made of a heavy-duty plastic it didn't feel fragile or flimsy, which is good because it didn't come with a carrying case. The clip has a spring on it that opens and closes easily so it can fit over your phone even with the case on, but fit securely enough that I wasn't worried about it falling off, and can be moved to any area of the phone or tablet.
All said, I think this is a great little gadget, with a really good price point, and it would be the perfect gift for the techie/ blogger/ selfie fan on your gift list!

a picture of dyana aives of inurfacemakeup while using the selphie light, is brighter and skin looks smoother

**The selfie light was furnished free of charge for my honest opinion in this review.The opinions are my own, and cannot be bought.
 For more info please see my disclaimer page.

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