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What's it worth to you? I guess that depends on who you ask......

In a very typical "Dyana" move, ......
anyone that knows me, knows that there's nothing I like more than a challenge. So when I was sent a jar of Innarah Veno Defense Treatment Creme
innarah venodefense treatment creme
Innarah VenoDefense
Treatment Creme
 to review, I spoke with the company rep.
I told her my usual terms were that I try it for 2-3 weeks, and then I would compare the before and after pictures, and write my review.
She replied, "oh there's no need to wait, it works immediately".
I thought (to myself) " Listen lady, it's not the first time I've heard that. but sure it does, let's put it to the test."
As I said, I love a challenge.

Here's is the first law of the universe:
 Everyone thinks their baby is the cutest,
and every skincare brand thinks that they have discovered and bottled the fountain of youth.

Here's the second law of the Universe:
- a man will buy any product under the sun, that will promise him that he will keep his hair,
- a woman will buy any product under the sun, that promises turning back the clock on her face,
- anything! doesn't matter what's in it or in some cases how much it costs.

But what if it really worked?
What then?
Not to sound like a late night TV knife salesman, but "Now how much would you pay?"

Hold that thought, ...we'll get back to that.

I decided to put it to the test.
I put it on half my face, and was waiting for the tightening feeling, or the tingle that usually comes with these "wonder creams" but there wasn't any.
It didn't burn or make me feel as if I'd crack if I smiled.
My skin actually felt amazing! Just super moisturized and plump and smooth.
I looked in the mirror and then ran in the other room and said to my friend " is it my imagination or does half my face look younger and lifted and the other side look saggy"? I mean you would tell me "if the Emperor wears No Clothes " right?

He said "well the other side doesn't look saggy" (smart man) but one side definitely looks rested and happier, and yeah younger".

So I decided to let you be the judge.
watch the video and tell me if you can see the difference like I can.

Then we'll get back to that question.........

 "Now how much would you pay"?

...because the Fountain of Youth doesn't come cheap.

So what's it worth to you?
Well I guess that depends on who you ask.
In my case, the woman over (well over) 45 that dates 36 ...
I'd say it's worth every penny. Yup, every single one!

You can find Innarah products on their website at

*The product listed above was provided free of charge for me to use for my honest review. The opinions expressed are my own. #gotitfree

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