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 Hello Beauty Junkies !
Just stepped away from set for a moment to blog about my new favorite item from Too Faced Cosmetics.
As you know I am doing  makeup and hair for a film called "A Maid's Room", starring the beautiful
Paula Garces 
I was fortunate enough to get a bunch of fantastic products from my good friends at Too Faced Cosmetics.
So I'll be blogging about a product a day ( if I have enough time to escape the madness on set) and Paula and I have decided to also do "how to " videos to accompany the products so you'll get to see them in action and also learn helpful tips on how to use them!

Today's product is :

Liquif-Eye Eye Shadow Transformer Eyeliner


How many times have you wished that you could line your eyes with your favorite eye shadow color and make it stay put? If you're like me, you've tried dipping your fine line brush in water and swirling it around in a cool metallic purple shadow only to find that it's just a hint of color and doesn't even resemble a liquid liner? Well Too Faced has you covered ! 
 One dip with the built-in, felt tipped precision brush tip allows your prettiest powder shadow to become water-resistant, long-lasting eyeliner. 
This product is ahhhhhmazing ! A definite must see ! 

Gotta run back to set, stay tuned for tomorrow's product .....
                                                          until then, stay beautiful !


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