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Covergirl + Olay join forces

Anyone that reads my blog knows that I have no problem "playing favorites" but I am always willing to try something new, that's why I was excited when my BzzAgent assignment was COVERGIRL + OLAY Tone Rehab 2-in-1 Foundation & Pressed Powder. As a kid I remember saving my allowance & buying my first bottle of foundation (accompanied with a grape roll-on lip gloss!) at probably age 10, it was Covergirl and it smelled vaguely similar to Noxema. Now that I'm all grown up, it's part of my job to use only the best foundations, so I was actually pleasantly surprised at how Covergirl has grown up as well. Gone is the smell of Noxema, and it's a lot creamier than I remember! Maybe it's the Olay influence but this foundation is pretty awesome, it glides on and dries to almost a powder finish, and actually stays pretty well all day. The pressed powder was nice, not as refined (or triple-milled)as I normally like but it's also not $55, this stuff retails for about $13.99. So for those of you that can't (or refuse) to afford my favorite $62 bottle of foundation, give this one a try....I think you'll be pleasantly surprised too! *This was not a paid post. My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. Thank you to BzzAgent who provided the products for review (and thanks to my girl Stephanie @NewBeautyReview who told me about Bzz-ing)

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The probability of love at first sight....

or how a shaving soap changed themy world.... I may have a problem balancing the girlie girl in me, with the cynical New Yorker? I don't usually think of myself as a hopeless romantic, but lately I equate everything to relationships, even blogging about products. As much as I'd like to be that wham bam thank you ma'am reviewer... you know, the one that gets the product and says "OK you'll have final copy in 3 days", I just can't. I need to fall in love with it, even if only for the moment, and for that I need to get to know you better.  Seriously, can you really get to know a anything in such a short time, enough to feel confident telling all your friends about it ?  Because that's what you are, you're my friends. 
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My brow routine - A quick Everyday Eyebrow Makeup Tutorial in 5 mins or less

Quick Tip Tuesday - unruly brows! Here is  a quick 5 min beauty tip that I use and think you'll love. If you've seen my blog before you know that I am more than a just a little obsessed, with Lastics Shave Soap.
But check this'll never believe how I use it today!

Here's my routine.
You will need 1. A brow brush - the ones I use are either
Senna fine line,Ve's Favorite Brushes - Slant Tip 
 Nars #5 brow brush.  2. A brow pencil
I don't spend big money on this, the one I'm using for this video is from Daiso (it's $1.50 and I love it!)  3. A brow powder
 I am using Senna's brow palette because I want to use 2-3 colors so it looks natural and not one dimensional  4. A spooly or a toothbrush
to brush them into place and      

5. Here's the kicker, instead of brow gel, I use my Shave Soap from Lastics
 it holds them in place without feeling crunchy (plus it smells ahhhhmazing!)

6. A brow highlighter  (optional) 

to clean up and sharpen your edges - …