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My first product launch!!!

Big Big News!!!!!

Celebrity Red Carpet Makeup & Hair Whitney Cummings

I recently had the pleasure of doing makeup & hair on another one of my favorite funny ladies, Whitney Cummings. If I didn't know better, I'd say I'm starting to become the female comics makeup artist. First Sarah Silverman, then Margaret Cho, Parker Posey and now Whitney Cummings?
You may remember Whitney from Chelsea Lately's roundtable, or "roasts" of Joan Rivers, David Hasselhoff, and Donald Trump.
Her next project is an NBC sitcom called appropriately "Whitney".

I met Whitney at her hotel, her face scrubbed clean, and could not get over how flawless her skin was! She is absolutely gorgeous, the Angelina Jolie of comedy.

She has the most beautiful alabaster skin, unlike most LA women she isn't sprayed orange or tanned, so I wanted to let her true complexion shine through.

Since her skin was already moisturized, I started with KohGenDo's Makeup Color Base in green, just to tone down any redness
Then I used Aqua Foundation in PK-01
this gives a subtle "dewy" luminescence. It's not as heavy as most foundations so it really feels invisible on the skin, it also doesn't need powder (although I did use some) which makes me feel a lot safer when doing red carpet makeup because I know she won't be overly shiny.

Whitney has amazing cheekbones, so you just know that I'm going to make them even more outstanding ! I contoured under her cheekbones with a dark taupe powder to add more depth, and then used a pearl white color base
on top of her cheekbones to highlight and brighten.

Next a light dusting of Natural Lighting Powder

to set the look
For her cheeks, I wanted a "sunkist" look, nothing overly powdery, so I used Fresh Face cheek color in Apricot Peach on the cheekbones to emphasize the pearl highlighter.
For the nude lip I used Maifanshi Lipstick in Nude Beige and then
a touch of gloss in Juicy Beige.

And that my friends is your road map to the natural dewy look as seen on Whitney Cummings.

When I asked Whitney what she thought about the makeup she said "LOVE THAT IT'S ALL NATURAL I DIDN'T KNOW THAT! this line is AWESOME! " she even wrote to me after the red carpet event and said "This make up was so fresh and felt so clean-it stayed perfect all day and photographed amazingly!"

...another satisfied client.

**all makeup by KohGenDo,, unless otherwise noted.**

Don't forget to check out Whitney's new show on NBC Thursday nights after The Office!

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