A moment for NYer's everywhere

This is a testament to all my friends and family back in NY & NJ that had to brave the storm that rocked them to their foundation, only to make them stronger. We are NYers, it takes a helluva lot more than terrorists and storms to break us! It's one of the things that I love about New Yorkers and what I've always been so proud of, is that after we've gone thru something together, it strengthens us, it makes us closer. I'll never forget the feeling of how connected I felt to my neighborhood, as a kid, after Hurricane Irene, we all emerged from our houses as if we were woken from a really long nap, and all gave each other a pat on the back as we acknowledged that yes, in fact, we had all gotten thru it unscathed. It was even greater when the Sept.11th attacks were over. I remember being so proud of my community for banding together and reaching out to each other. For once putting aside our differences like an old cup a'cawfee, and embracing our neighbors and opening our hearts. I'm in California now and the last 72hrs have been frantic for me as I didn't hear from my mom or my sister for days and only had the news to rely on. Watching houses and buildings crumble, hearing that the Atlantic City boardwalk and Coney Island are ruins, and listening as they tally the "death toll" I was instantly reminded of 9/11 and scared out of my mind for my loved ones. I got a video message from one of my best friends as she was being rescued by boat from her house. All i could see where flashlights shining on the water and hear her voice making sure all her kids made it, looking for her dog, it was very surreal. I've never felt more helpless. From what I can tell most of my friends and family are safe, and I thank God for that. I can only hope that this strengthens their relationships and their resolve to not give up, if it does, than nothing is lost. Even though, I'm transplanted now, I am and always will be a New Yorker so I feel justified in standing amongst my people, raising my middle finger and saying...
Suck it Sandy!

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