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My first product launch!!!

Big Big News!!!!!

Too Faced Cosmetics - Better Than False Lashes

When I was 14 years old, I had a really beautiful best friend, who was just a little bit evil too. Let's call her "Cher". She had the longest lashes I had ever seen! I had tried everything to get mine to look as long as hers; Baby powder under my mascara, Olive oil at night, layering, separating with a safety pin, nothing worked. Finally I asked her... "Cher, how can I get my lashes to look like yours, all long and fluttery"? She said, "you really wanna know"? "yes, I'll do it, just name it" I said. "Cut them" she said.. "cut them???" "Yup" she said "how short do I cut them?" "That depends, how long do you want them? The shorter you cut them the longer they'll grow" she told me. I raced home, ran to the mirror, and scissors in hand prepared to have super long, luxurious lashes, after all, I had cut them to the base, short as i could without bleeding. Long story short.....She got a good laugh and I looked like a burn victim for what felt like an eternity. I blame her for my stubby short lashes. I am convinced that they've never grown back to the original length. I had dreams that my lashes were so long that I couldn't open my eyes unless someone helped hold my giant lashes open and then I'd have to get a hedge-trimmer sized scissors to cut them because they were so thick and heavy. As I grew up, I used to avoid wearing mascara so as not to draw attention to what little I had. As a makeup artist, you really cant get away with that so I started experimenting with every formulation of mascara I could find. I was determined not to go the strip lash route. Who has time for that every day? I am happy to say I have found the Holy Grail ! Too Faced Cosmetics Better Than False Lashes ! This stuff is so amazing that I cant wear it everyday. I mean it's obscene ! I cant go to the grocery store with Kim Kardashian length lashes! Who do I think I am? Here's how it works....... It comes with two tubes. One is an activating mascara and the other a tube of flexistretch fibers. First you use the mascara, while still wet, you coat the lashes with fibers, and repeat. Careful not to get carried away or you risk having porn star lashes. Trust me on this, it's easy to do. Here are my lashes before and these are what my lashes look like after only 2 coats of Better Than False Lashes big difference... so I'll let you be the judge.... but I'm pretty sure that this if the answer to me finally getting back at my old bestie. Eat your heart out "Cher". . . . . . get it here----

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