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How to Turn Bath time from Humdrum to Hammam!

I am very big on pampering myself with bath products. It seems like no matter how stressful the day, there is nothing like a hot bath to literally wash all my troubles right down the drain. Nothing could be closer to the truth than when taking a Hammam. For those of you that have never heard the term before, a "Hammam" is a Moroccan cleansing ritual, which in America translates to a very hot bath to really relax you and open up your pores. It's also the name of the gift set that was given to me to review by Zakia of Morocco.

The benefits of visiting a hammam, sauna or steam room.

Physical and emotional detox. Reduce stress, anxiety and allow deep relaxation.
Beautifying the body and face. Exfoliate dead skin from your body, unclog pores while eliminating toxins from the skin and
Fight acne. Regulate skin oil secretions to prevent acne and help heal scars and reduce redness.
Skin nourishing and rehydration. Provides essential vitamins and minerals.
Anti-aging. Allow yo…

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