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The long awaited post about THE MAKEUP SHOW !

I know, I know,..... it's been forever since my last post, and I could make excuses and say " a cross country move, a breakup, another move, (not necessarily in that order)...sometimes life gets in the way".....
but truth be told, I got sooooo much loot at the makeup show that I wanted to be able to actually use it, and not just on myself, but on my clients, so that when I spoke to you about it, I'd actually have something to say.

So without further adieu, I give you ..... The Makeup Show LA Bloggger Bag

There was so much in this "goodie bag" that I almost don't know where to start.
 I have a few favorites that I could go on and on about so I'll leave those for last. I will say this, there are some things that I selfishly will keep in my own makeup bag that my pro-kit will never know about!!!

***to purchase all these products, just click on the underlined links below***

First up Model in a Bottle,@ModelinaBottle

One of my friend Stephanie's, (@newbeaut…

The probability of love at first sight....

or how a shaving soap changed the my world....

I may have a problem balancing the girlie girl in me, with the cynical New Yorker?
I don't usually think of myself as a hopeless romantic, but lately I equate everything to relationships, even blogging about products.
As much as I'd like to be that wham bam thank you ma'am reviewer... you know, the one that gets the product and says "OK you'll have final copy in 3 days", I just can't.
I need to fall in love with it, even if only for the moment, and for that I need to get to know you better
Because that's what you are, you're my friends. 
And friends can smell BS a mile away. 
So I'm not going to candy coat it, if I love it, I'll scream it from the rooftops, and if I don't....well. 

I'm the chick that is going to tell you straight, but don't worry sweet pea, if it's bad, I'll cushion the blow, and let you down gently, but I'm not blowing smoke up your butt, friends don't do that!

 Having said that, it went a little something like this:

I've got my eyes on this shaving soap, from Lastics Body.
I had a choice of 3 scents, I picked Patchouli.

a picture of a amber colored, hockey puck shaped soap with raised bumps on the surface      
Patchouli Nectar Shaving Soap

Since we are being honest, two reasons why I picked that scent:

1. I looooooove patchouli, and

2. The roommate doesn't 
(bonus: I won't have to worry about him using it!)

mine mine mine!

Selfish? A little.

So I try it out. ....once.
Then wait a day.
Try it out again.....
"hmmmmm, I didn't notice that before" maybe it's the smell or the texture, or how quickly it  did whatever it promised to do?
(remember, falling in love takes time)

The third date, that's the clincher. 
Are you going to pursue this or are we going to part ways?
I test the waters so to speak, I use another shaving lotion. 
Something is missing, I don't know what it is, but it just doesn't feel right, I miss how that bar feels on my skin, I miss that feeling that I'm doing something extra for myself, because I'm worth the extra effort, most of all, I miss that smell......
 I know what you're thinking, "Patchouli is so strong!"
 Well, this isn't your mother's patchouli, (my mom was a hippie, wasn't yours?)  and it's not that "Summer I spent with the Grateful Dead" patchouli, (*for that story you'll have to wait for my book deal) this is a fresher, cleaner, grown-up version. 

The kind that says, "I may smell like Patchouli, but I shave my armpits"
(no offense Julia Roberts circa 1999)  


On a side note, according to the website, the apple martini scent is "like a first date" and the vanilla pudding soap is "like a first kiss", (see I'm not the only one with these kind of metaphors)  Well if that's true, then let me tell you, the patchouli nectar is "like going to third base!" It's lock-the-front-door-and-take-the-phone-off-the-hook! (put it on silent)

You get where I'm coming from?  It's a sexy, sultry, smell, the kind that makes you think, "hey if my legs weren't so hairy, I'd invite someone in the shower with me. ..."
Now back to those hairy legs.....
(click on full screen mode and you'll swear that you're in the tub with me!)

For those of you that have never used a shave soap before there's something really indulgent about using this in place of your regular shave cream or gel or lotion.
There's two ways to use this, and I'm not talking about wet or dry, I'm talking application. Those pepperoni pizza-like bumps? There's a reason behind them, and it's not cellulite, (although no one would fault you if it just happened to smooth out your thighs.) Those bumps are for relieving stressed muscles, so give your self a little leg massage. 

shaving brush $8.99
 Here's the indulgent part. Get yourself a shaving brush,
 like the kind your dad used to use (or your husband)
 and brush that soap from a light frothy lather into meringue like a lemon pie. 
Shave your legs, you're going to feel as if you've given them a facial! Feel how soft they are, go ahead have a little love affair with your legs! Appreciate how wonderful they feel. 

Once you're done,you can rinse it off, or you can do as I do, and just rub in the left over as if it were the most luxurious moisturizer for your legs, (because it is), and then close your eyes, and inhale that gorgeous scent again.
So I guess it's obvious, I've got a thing for this shaving soap.
I'm hooked!
It took me a while to let it sink in, which is why I posted all the mini video posts before this.
just because I play hard to get, doesn't mean I'm not going to tease you every step of the way!
I'm happy to say it was worth the wait.
Every minute of it.

Would I lie to you? 

                   The Shaving Soaps Come in 3 scents: 

 Natural handmade shaving soaps for women with gorgeous scents, massage balls for extra stimulation. Leaves your skin smooth whether you wash, massage or shave with it.
The Collection

a pink round hockey puck shaped soap Natural handmade shaving soaps for women with gorgeous scents, massage balls for extra stimulation. Leaves your skin smooth whether you wash, massage or shave with it.
Whisper-Vanilla Pudding

a pink round hockey puck shaped soap Natural handmade shaving soaps for women with gorgeous scents, massage balls for extra stimulation. Leaves your skin smooth whether you wash, massage or shave with it.
Happy Hour -Vanilla Pudding

a pink round hockey puck shaped soap Natural handmade shaving soaps for women with gorgeous scents, massage balls for extra stimulation. Leaves your skin smooth whether you wash, massage or shave with it.
Lair - Patchouli Nectar

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Thank you to the fabulous, Donna Flagg of Lastics, for furnishing my Lair Shave Soap (free) for this review, and for her infinite patience putting up with the perfectionist in me, that refused to hand over anything until I dotted my T's and Crossed my Eyes.

*DISCLOSURE OF MATERIAL CONNECTION: You should assume the owner of this website and/or blog has an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection, to any suppliers of goods and services that may be discussed here, and may be compensated for showing ads or recommending products or services, or linking to the supplier’s website. Having said that, The opinions expressed in my blog are my own, and although I do love me some free shwag, it does not and will not sway my opinion of the products that I review.

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